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September 2021 Update – the publication of the law n°1.503 of December 23, 2020, and of the O.S. n° 8.634 of April 29, 2021, has added a new reporting obligation to credit, payment and electronic money institutions. Specific reports must be prepared and submitted to the SICCFIN.

The reports must be made within one month following the opening, closing and modification of the accounts and safe deposit box rental contracts. Please note that for the first reporting, the stock must be sent by 30 November 2021 at the latest.

FICOBAM reports will have to contain all the bank’s reportable information concerning accounts, safes and associated clients. Regular updates will then be required, showing the changes since the initial report was filed (account opening, account closing, end of a safe deposit box rental contract, addition of an accountholder, etc.).

EQUILATERAL.IO has developed a bespoke, user-friendly, FICOBAM module that takes care of all these requirements, allowing you to comply with these new regulations, and to remain up to date. Please reach out to us to obtain a comprehensive brochure, or to request a demo >>

You are :

A software suite to meet your reporting obligations easily and at a lower cost :

> Anacredit

> Vue Unique Client (VUC)

> Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI / CRS)

Meet your Anti-Money Laundering obligations ! Perform your business-wide risk assessment with our AML Risk Matrix specially designed for asset managers

A single tool to automatically produce your CRS reports in multiple jurisdictions (Monaco, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Mauritius and many more).

Meet your Anti-Money Laundering obligations ! Perform your business-wide risk assessment with our AML Risk Matrix specially designed for real estate agents

Many companies must comply with complex and changing regulations

  • Compliance with the regulations requires significant investments.

  • Currently available solutions are oversized, overpriced, and inadequate.

  • Legal advisors and consultants provide theoretical and unpractical advice.

We noticed that our clients had difficulties to:

  • Find the required skills and stay up to date
  • Afford the required costs/make the necessary investments

… and that these efforts were mandatory in order for them to:

  • Minimize reputational risk & liability
  • Comply with applicable regulations

This is what led us to develop a suite of software solutions, aimed at providing our clients with an adapted regulatory compliance tool. was born. Our project got the attention of the Monaco-based incubator MonacoTech, where was accepted in 2020 as part of the start-up incubator program.


Raphaël Dana

General Counsel

18+ years of experience in legal counsel on compliance matters

Attorney at law with the Paris bar, founder of the Paris law firm Dana Associés

Sébastien Prat

Business Development Officer

16+ years of experience in regulatory consulting for the Financial Industry

Founder of Phoenix Consulting, a consulting firm based in Monaco, specialised on the financial sector

Natalia Berrin

Subject Matter Expert

6+ years of experience in Finance, Tax Transparency, Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection

Co-founders of Phoenix Consulting, Monaco-based consulting firm, specialized on regulatory topics

Adrien Ferreira

Software Engineer

13+ years of experience in Software Development and Project Management

Knowledge in Finance, Aeronautical and Space sectors

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